Tuesday, December 19, 2006


From a post on What Men are saying about "Women"

bombbombbombbomb said,

"... there is not a problem with men’s communication skills, just a problem with what and how much women want to hear."

Well put... for a man of course.

Working with women, continued.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Working with women

Sometimes Scott Adams hits the nail on the head.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mommies who drink...

The Eternal Batchelor posted this about an article about a book called "Mommies Who Drink."

No it is not a book about the evils of drinking mommies, rather it is about how women shouldn't sacrifice their lives to child raising.

That hurts just to read.

My mom was an alcoholic. She remained and on and off drunk until she died of old age at the age of 55. It wasn't an overdose, it wasn't a car accident. We figured it would be one of those two in the end. No, she died in her sleep, her body just gave up after too many years of too much drinking. Martinis were a favorite, when she wasn't just drinking straight vodka.

Being the youngest of three, I never knew a sober mom. My older sisters say she was a great mom before she started drinking. My dad still speaks of her very fondly, even though they divorced about thirty years ago and she has been dead for fifteen. He says she was just an incredible mother and wife before the drinking. The would have celebrated their golden anniversary next year. He still regrets that he didn't try harder to keep things together. He mentioned this last just in September when I went to visit him and we took a trip out to the farm that he and my grandpa had a dairy on. He showed me where he and mom had talked about building a house.

I never knew a sober mom. Before I can remember my dad said he came home from work one day to the smell of smoke coming from a burning pot of potatoes on the stove. The water had completely boiled off. I was there on the floor, in diapers, playing with blocks and mom was passed out on the couch.

Having never known a sober mom, I couldn't tell when she was drunk. At least not until she got behind the wheel of a car and couldn't keep it between the lines. And yes, I have been in the car with her when she was drunk at least three times that I can remember. I can remember being 8 and telling my mom to watch out for the stop sign, slow down that light is red. Please mom I don't really want to go on this picnic, lets just go home and watch TV.

My parents split up when I was 8 because of the alcohol. I went with my dad. Visiting mom was like spending time with a silly, crazy friend. She was fun but she wasn't really a mom. When I was 9 and over to visit her. I still couldn't tell she was drunk. She was just taking a nap on the couch. I asked her if I could go play games at the arcade. This was back when Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaga were new. She gave me $80 in cash and called a cab to take me to the arcade. I knew she gave me a lot of money but I didn't really have any idea how much it was until the guy have me two rolls of quarters for just one of those $20 bills. Do you know how long you can play video games with two pockets full of quarters? You also make a lot of friends with that many quarters. I didn't even have to cash in another $20 for more quarters before I was ready to go home. The problem was that I didn't know where home was. I didn't know my mom's address. I could describe what the apartment complex looked like but I didn't know what the name of it was. In a city like Portland, OR there are many apartment complexes that fit the description. I had to call my dad. He was very angry. He took the remaining money away from me. It was probably his in the first place, having gone to mom in an alimony check.

By the time I was 15 my mother moved back to Canada to be closer to my grandma. I went to visit her the summer I was 15. It was great she lived close to the Okanagan lake in Summerland, BC. We would go buy a bag of fruit and just sit on the beach and read or do what ever came to mind. It was great. When it was time to go home she wanted to drive me rather than put me on a bus. She could visit friends in Portland that way. I actually did most of the driving because I had a learner's permit. When we got close to Portland she said she would drive since I didn't really know the way through the big city and I was still just a learner. We didn't get far before I realized that she was piss drunk. I have no idea how she pulled that off. I don't remember letting her out of my sight short of when she went to the bathroom, but some how she got a hold of a big ol' jug of wine and got hammered while I wasn't looking. I told her that I really needed to use the bathroom again and as soon as she pulled over I had to physically take the keys from her and make her get in the passenger seat. That was the most terrifying driving experience of my life. I had to drive though downtown Portland coming in on 84 and trying to get to Beaverton on the other side. If you know Portland then you know that 84 ends in downtown and it is not exactly a straight shot to Beaverton. At least it wasn't back in the mid 80's. Crazy rush hour traffic and white knuckles all the way.

When 23 and just finishing up college I saw my mom for the last time. She was visiting friends in Albany, not far from where I was going to school in Corvallis, OR. I went to pick her up in my broken down Honda and took her to a movie and DQ. She was so helpless, so dependent. She was like a kid. It was heartbreaking but I was just glad to see her. I didn't know that would be the last time I would see her. I was lucky. That last time with her was nice. My sister's argued with her the last time they saw. Even when you know that your mother is going to die sooner or later because of the alcohol it still hits you like a ton of bricks when it happens. My dad called me one bright Saturday summer morning less than a year later, to tell me that something terrible had happened. My first though was that someone died. A cousin? An aunt or uncle? Maybe grandma. I wasn't ready to hear that my mom died.

This is how I remember my mommy who drank.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The truth goes a bit more like this...

Great post over at the Eternal Bachelor. Seems some "wishes she was a dude" made this comment to a earlier post on tramp stamps:

my white english wife of 8 yrs has a tramp stamp as you call it.its a chinese symbol that means alot to her. she is a great cook kepps the house spotless and loves my family. she raised a great kid on her own who is now a scientist after the father left her without a cent and then dissapeared o s when she was only 21 and her son was 1. he was the 1 who wanted to start a family in the 1st place. she got 2 jobs as a cleaner to put herself thru uni and got 2 degrees and shes never been on benefits. she has a good job and helps in my business. shes sexy smart and a real laugh.like a lot of women. to read shit like this just because of a tatoo is bullshit. your going to rely on women nurses when your lonely sad old men stuck in the lonely sad old mens home with noone to visit you so youd better sort yourselves out.i wouldnt trade places with any of you.

The truth goes a bit more like this...

My white Irish ex-wife of 3 years wanted a tattoo, but I didn't want her to have such an ugly thing, let alone pay for it. She was an passable cook, when she cooked at all, which was at most 3 evening meals in a week. Usually more like 1 or 2. She had 5 kids with a guy and then was stupid enough to cheat on him. Though this was not how she spun the story. She held multiple jobs as a cleaner to put herself though junior college and got a single, 2 year degree in marketing. Probably so she could use her "amazing" communication skills. Despite her jobs she was still on every form a public assistance she could scrounge and ran up significant student debt that she wanted me to pay off. Needing this kind of help might sound reasonable for a single mother of 5 except for the part where the kids lived with their father! When we were married she didn't have a good job, in fact she quit her crap job a month BEFORE we got married to be a stay at home mom to her now teenage kids. She also didn't help me in my business. In fact, for the most part she was a hindrance. Wanted me to take time off and work less to help her do things at home. Take vacation just so that I can work at home! WTF! She thought she was sexy, she thought she was smart, she thought she had a great personality and was a real laugh, like a lot of women think, but aren't. The reality was that she was a man hater. Addicted to her sense of victimhood having being abused by her stepfather as a child, which I am not entirely convinced actually happened. She was amazingly bitchy and controlling about everything. The marriage counselor even came straight out and told her that she was being a bully. To read shit like this just because of a tattoo makes me think, hell yeah, this guy knows what he is talking about. Keep on posting. Your going to rely on women nurses when your lonely old men stuck in the lonely old men's home with nobody to visit you, but at least you will be able to afford that nursing home when you get there. You could have gotten married, gotten cleaned out by some bitch and turned out a lonely old man stuck on a park bench with the Sunday Time for a blanket. I was stupid enough to think that I wouldn't be lonely if I was married. I lived in a 4 bedroom house with 6 other people and I was just as lonely as when I was single, perhaps even more so since having any friends of my own was close to impossible. And not only was I still lonely I was now also broke all the time. Paying for and buying things that I didn't want. You can be surrounded with people and still lonely if those people don't really like you. I ranked a solid number 8 in my house. 1 wife, 5 kids and the dog ranked higher on the list than I. I wouldn't trade places with you only because I don't need to. I am right there with ya bud.

Stay strong. Stay single.

What a picture

Great observation by John Lillpop in his latest article on MND.

Picture the scene if you have the stomach: From the White House, President Bush surrounded by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Kennedy proudly signs the amnesty bill.

Are you sure he's really a conservative?

At his first post-election news conference, President Bush seemed cheerily
optimist about the "good chance" he now has to pass the
so-called "comprehensive" amnesty bill:

"I think we have a good chance [at passing the amnesty
bill]. Thank you. It's an important issue and I hope we
can get something done on it. I meant to put that in my
list of things that we need to get done."

That sure didn't take long. With Republicans like Bush who needs Democrats. One might hope that a Republican president might resist a liberal congress for the two years he had left. You might hope that but you would likely be sorely disappointed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

End of the world or the beginning of a world gov't?

This story from the Telegraph reports that, according to Sir Nicholas Stern and others, the UN's report on global warming is more about their grab at the reigns of a one world gov't than it is about the impending doom of our planet.


Me neither.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Something to chew on while I play my game.

Most readers here are probably familiar with these essays but for those who might not have come across them I would say that they put forth the most basic arguments against marriage in our matriarchal society. Each is progressively longer and more detailed than the last but all are very intelligent.

Stay single, young man! is a short essay by Vox Day. It gets right to the point.

The original dontmarry.com essay is a bit longer with more detail.

The Garbage Generation is not so much an essay as an entire book, only published on the web. (that I am aware of) It is very scholarly, very well researched and has lots of references and citations.

What else would you put forward as the foundational documents of the "Stay Single" philosophy?

Because I felt like it, that's why!

Sorry I have, once again been out of the loop. First there was the week from hell at work. Got to pay the price for having taken a vacation after all. Then I ordered a brand new computer and started to play World of Warcraft.

What an amazing time sink.

The great thing is that I don't feel guilty. I don't have a wife to bitch at me for not working harder to make her more money to spend. It has been basically 5 long years since I have played a game like this, and with such abandon. Sure there was that short stint on Star Wars Galaxies during our second year of marriage but I paid for that indiscretion in spades. She gave me hell for "wasting time" on that game. Nope basically lost my hobbies, recreations and friends after getting engaged. 6 month engagement, 3 year marriage, 6 month divorce, 1 year getting out of debt. I still have 1 more year of getting out of debt but I figured I would spend a little money on a computer since she got my laptop and 2 desktops, (not to mention everything else) bought pre-engagement, in the divorce. My only access to the internet has been a loner laptop from work. Not exactly an appropriate place to install personal games. Not that it even could run something like WoW.

And wow is WoW wow. Lots of fun not to mention safer than dating the psychotic women who are my age and single out there. Thanks, but I would rather die a single nerd, than be some privilege princess' pack mule.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How many crimes can you fit in one paragraph...

Another morally challenge female that:
1. Made a false accusation of date rape.
2. Abandoned (attempted murder in my opinion) her newborn in the trash.
3. Statutory rape, the father was a 12 year old boy.
4. Incest, the boy is her cousin.

What the @#%$! I guess if you are going to be a psycho bitch you might as well go for broke and have a story worth selling to Lifetime as a miniseries. Speaking of which...

She wrote "Sacred Womb" and formed Second Chance of Life, a nonprofit group...

Her work led to appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "20/20."

Gotta love the big O.

This is why our society is dying, and probably should.

At least she is getting jail time though I am sure she will be paroled within a year. She did say she was sorry after all.

Another Child killing mom!

French woman in South Korea kills her two newborns by wrapping them up and sticking them in a freezer. What the hell is wrong with women!